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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Rattus rattus

It has been erroneously said that we are never more than twenty foot away from a rat, but perhaps it is true after all!
I mean, look at this cheeky rodent attempting to steal a little girls croissant.


Marie Pretty Smith said...

Lol! Your little sweetie is very calm in the face of such a creature.

sousca said...

Most weekends she stays with us, on Sunday mornings she is out of bed early, then after breakfast we have a trip out, usually to the local shopping centre which is just a short bus ride away. After spending pocket money we rest a while at the cafĂ©, here she tells me of any troubles she may have, sometimes she may be worried if there has been a falling out among her school friends. What may appear trivial to an adult can be quite serious to a seven year old. She entrusts me with many little secrets, but I have to solemnly pinky promise that I won’t divulge them to anyone – and I don’t.
Little Rascal calls our Sunday morning excursions “Me and Grampy time”, should anyone else ask to join us she gives them short shrift!

Thank you for looking at my blog, I am glad to have another reader!