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Friday, 27 March 2015

A train of thoughts

I sit at the computer undecided on what to add to the blog, my mind a blank (nothing new there then!). I look round the computer room for inspiration.

Then my eyes fix on a photograph, unfortunately a rather poor copy. Where it came from I am not sure. So I scan it into the computer.
It is a very grainy picture of my fathers mother with her eldest son. But just look at that pushchair! I would love to have that pushchair.
Now I love old curios, here are a few from this room.
The above is some sort of flask, but how old is it and what did it contain? Any ideas?
This is obviously a coronation souvenir tin, but what is this inside the tin? It has a distinct smell that I just can not place. Once again, any ideas?
So there we are, I sat down with not the faintest idea what to blog about and this is where my train of thought led.



Shammickite said...

Mabel Lillian Pickering Ward? Do you know who is in the pushchair?
I love the coppers confronting the incendiary teddy bear!
Nice to have a look around your house. My son would probably try to seal the skeleton with the chimney sweep hat, he loves stuff like that.

sousca said...

Yes, it is Mabel in the picture with my fathers elder brother Fred.
The picture is a Banksy.
I will email you a close-up pic of the skeleton.