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Monday, 30 March 2015

Cake making

Wearing a shirt belonging to grandpa as an apron, Little Rascal mixes all the ingredients together for the cake. The potato masher does an excellent job of  mixing it all together.

Better have a little taste, just to check it is OK!

The cake comes out the oven - absolutely perfect.
What a nice surprise for Mummy, a lovely birthday cake baked and iced by her own daughter.

Mummy needed a bit of help to blow the candle out.

And Nanny joined in the fun.

Of course there should have been many more candles on the cake, but Grandpa could not find a cake tin that big!!!!

Happy Birthday Mummy


Tess Johnson said...

I think that was a cake made with love as the main ingredient!

Shammickite said...

mmmm I love cake! Especially made by Little Rascal.
Nice picture of the three ladies of the house. Looks like the cake was a success, I bet there's not even a crumb left now.