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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Henry Percy Ward

My great uncle, Henry Percy Ward was born in Driffield, East Yorkshire on the 8th July 1875. His father Robert Coomber Ward 1850 - 1916. Mother Mary Ann Jane Ward nee Little 1852 - 1933

Henry Percy Ward was born into a strong Methodist family, and indeed was a strong Methodist himself, planning to train as a Methodist minister. Henry attended a talk given by the theosophist Annie Besant, resulting in him converting to atheism.   Annie Besant
On 4th Feb 1910 Henry emigrated to New York on the ship SS Mauretania
Henry lived in Chicago, where he was nicknamed "The Atheist Bishop of Chicago"
According to the following newspaper articles he did not exactly lead a quiet life!!!

They were both acquitted because they got married



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Shammickite said...

Poor Percy. Queer goings on, indeed! I wonder if their hasty marriage lasted?
How did you ever find out about Percy and his shortcomings? Lots to discover when you dig deep enough I suppose.