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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Love and suicide

John George Johnson (George) was born to my 3rd great grandparents John & Jane Johnson at Fridaythorpe in 1838. He was the only son out of seven children.

In 1860, George Johnsons cousin, Jane Ann Clegg was staying at Fridaythorpe. Jane Ann's mother wrote her a letter early August 1860 talking of going on holiday to Scarborough, and plans were afoot for "Uncle & Aunt and as many of "the young people as can be spared" to join us there".

The party for Scarborough left on the Friday, the next morning George Johnson cut his throat.

Jane Ann was seventeen - after her death, among her papers, two envelopes were found. One contained a lock of George's hair, the other flowers from his grave.

Jane Ann never married

 I found the following in the Yorkshire Gazette
Fridaythorpe Churchyard, the grave of John George Johnson and his parents.


Shammickite said...

What a tragic story. And what an eloquent suicide note. Poor George.

sousca said...

It must have been heart-breaking for all concerned. I have carried out so much research into that particular family, that I almost feel I know them.