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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Trusty Steed

For many years, the only vehicles I have owned have been Transit Vans. I have used them to make a living, and at times have lived and travelled in them. Around sixteen years back I arrived in this city in a transit van, living in it until I could find somewhere more comfortable to live. Accordingly, over the years  I have developed something of a fondness for the Transit Van.
When my recycling/tat yard closed a few years ago, and with having firm family commitments here, I no longer needed a van. I decided to run the old van into the ground. However, the old girl refuses to die. Each year when it goes in for the compulsory MOT test I expect it to fail, each year it passes.
Now apart from checking the oil & water and changing tyres occasionally, I do nothing to the van.
I tell a lie, twice a year, once at Christmas and once before the MOT the van gets a wash.

After queuing patiently for her turn, the old girl goes in to see the mechanics and comes out with the certificate.
So instead of getting a nice little car more suitable for my retirement, I am stuck with the old van for another year (unless that is she suffers a seizure or loses her battle with the rust!)

1 comment:

Shammickite said...

So you must be the White Van Man!
I don't see any point in changing to a new vehicle every couple of years.... if the old one is still roadworthy, keep on driving it. Hooray for the Transit Van. My Erik the Red Volvo was 24 years old when I sold him!
My current car has to last me at least 10 years, can't afford another one.