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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Walking home from school

Walking home from school with Little Rascal is good fun. Sometimes we stop at her favourite ice-cream café, but shhh!, it's a secret, for if Little Rascal does not eat her dinner when she gets home, Grampy gets asked awkward questions!
When little legs are tired, it is always nice when Uncle (Big Rascal) comes to meet us
But to get to today, for today is special! Little Rascal is very proud of her school - and the reason why? A brilliant Ofsted Report                                            
The school is a very happy place, with children of many different cultures and creeds all getting on well together. I heard one parent comment "This school is like one big happy family", I think that sums it up nicely.
Now to make our way home - first of all a half  hour play in the park, and there she is peeping over the top of the climbing wall
Then the nature walk through the churchyard
And what better place to take notes for her sea life project
Finally we reach the home of Nanny & Grampy
Whilst waiting for Grampy to cook dinner, Little Rascal fills the time by playing with her toys
....and we do the same again tomorrow, but I have been told we have to walk home without stepping on any cracks in the pavement. Now that takes me back over sixty years when I used to play that game!


Shammickite said...

Step on a crack
you break your mother's back!
I think that's how it goes.
Looks like your daffs are blooming. Very few out here yet, it's been much colder that it should be for mid to late April. And I'm fed up with it! However, sunshine forecast for all of next week.

sousca said...

My daffs are going over now, next week I will plant tubs and hanging baskets with summer bedding plants - and hope there are no frosts!

Shammickite said...

I had to look up Ofsted report to find out what it was. Good to know the local school has passed the inspection.
My oldest grandson Callum goes to a little country school where almost everyone is white. Next grandson Isaac goes to school in this growing town, and has every colour, religion, etnicity in his class. It must be really hard for the teachers to remember all the hard to pronounce names. Isaac's best friend is Sukkonash.

sousca said...

What amazes me is that not only do the teachers remember all the children's names, but they also remember which children go with which parents at going home time.