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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Armchair traveling - Brimham Rocks

Not being able to travel far from my home at the moment, and somewhat stuck for what to write in the blog, I thought I would do a bit of armchair traveling, traveling back in time and traveling back in my mind to my favourite part of the UK - that is Yorkshire of course! It is not for nothing it is known as "God's own County", but then I am somewhat biased.
For Yorkshire tongue-in-cheek click here

Going back around fifty years, I was working in a sand-stone quarry near Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, now the quarry would make a story in it's self. Not much in the way of health and safety in those days, I recall driving an old ex-army tipper wagon up and down the quarry, in such state of disrepair that we removed the doors so it would be easier to jump out in the case of the waggon going over the edge. Two of us, both 17 year old lads used to be left to charge gelignite prior to blasting, some of the pranks we used to get up to I am too embarrassed to relate here, but I digress-

Brimham Rocks are to be found on the 50 acre Brimham Moor. The millstone rocks take some weird and wonderful forms, with the Victorians believing they were carved by druids. However, it was during the last glacial period (110,000 to 12,000 years ago) that the rocks were formed. As the glaciers melted, the rocks started to take their strange shapes, then with thousands of years of erosion by the wind and rain, we have the rocks we see today.

This rock is known as "The Idol", it is estimated to weigh 200 tons and is fifteen foot high, the base the rock sits on measures one foot in circumference. It looks as though if someone was to lean on it, it would fall over!

I do not remember the names given to the following rocks

I took the above photographs many years ago, unfortunately they were not in the best of condition by the time I scanned them into my computer.
I had intended to mention other Yorkshire places, but I am fast running out of time as I must set off to pick Little Rascal up from school. Further posts of my Yorkshire meanderings will hopefully follow before long. 



Shammickite said...

Just clicked onto why Yorkshire is Gods country.... I agree about the Yorkshire pudding. And we can buy Yorkshire Tea here in Canada!
The huge rock balancing on that tiny little stump of rock is amazing. Just looked at Wikipedia, it says names of various rocks are Sphinx, the Watchdog, the Camel, the Turtle and the Dancing Bear. There are certainly some nice places to visit in Yorkshire! But have you visited North Devon? (I'm biased of course)

sousca said...

Devon is on my "to do" list, along with Cornwall.
I have only seen pictures and TV programs of Devon, it looks a beautiful place.