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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Half term holiday

For the first few days of the holiday, Little Rascal and Mummy stayed with Grandma in London. The house was very quiet whilst she was away - a bit too quiet perhaps.
Little Rascal soon got the hang of the Underground!

After being suitably spoiled by Grandma, Little Rascal returned and life became hectic once more. Her enthusiasm for all she does seems to be contagious and soon the pair of us were formulating plans to ensure the remainder of  her time off school was good fun.  
We went for walks and found interesting things along the way - such as this robot
Then in the next street this pretty picture that someone had obviously taken time over. Why it was left in the street we could not work out, perhaps just to cheer people up.
Why did Little Rascal bring a bag of monkey nuts with her on the walk? Well, to feed the squirrels of course.
This cheeky chappy is looking for second helpings   
Then Little Rascal who has eagle eyes spotted this cardinal beetle (pyrochroa coccinea
A little bit further to walk and we reached the park. Who should be there but Little Rascal's best friend.
We made several trips to the nearest shopping centre, but choosing what to spend pocket money on can be difficult!
Shopping can be a tiring business, so a café break is always welcome. However, I am not sure about all the E numbers that must be in the drink!
Just time to wind down with a relaxing massage before heading home.
After a very busy two weeks, it is now back to school, phew!!!

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Shammickite said...

That young lady certainly keeps you on your toes, and it looks like you enjoy every minute of it. I like the idea of leaving art in the street for the public to enjoy. Sort of like Banksy but different....