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Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Sunday morning and for once Little Rascal did not wake at the crack of dawn. In fact she did not stir until 9am, most unusual for her. I took advantage of the quiet time to water and dead head flowers in the front garden.
Having not spent the time, or the money that I have in previous years, this summers display disappointed me somewhat.

I always plant up two hanging baskets, one for our garden and one for the retired lady next door.

Little Rascal is still sleeping, so time to check round the back garden. The espalier apple tree is going to give a good harvest this year.

Several years ago I bought this rose from a garden centre, the label said it would reach a height of three foot. Each year I cut it right back, but it always grows to around seven foot high. Perhaps it thrives on neglect!

A few years back I had a recycling/tat yard, every now and again a Belfast Sink would come in. This one I wrapped in wire mesh and covered with a cement mortar mix. Planted up I think it looks OK.

Then I hear a little voice "Grampy, it's time to get up, don't forget we are going to the fair today".
Time for breakfast, but disaster strikes! Little Rascal reaches for her favorite cereal only to find the box empty.
Such an emergency calls for a walk to our local Co op store to replenish our cereal supply. On the way we passed this graffiti (One day I will die, but today I shall dance) Now I pondered on the meaning of the message, did it carry some profound meaning, was I missing something? On returning home with the new box of cereal I googled the message, but nothing there to help. Oh well, never mind, I will remain intrigued by it.

Now little Rascal  helps me with jobs around the house to earn extra pocket money, with a visit to the fair planned that day, extra pocket money is sure to come in handy. I have seven shelves full of books and we decide to tidy them up, starting with this one. I have decided to give some books away to a good home and make room for books still packed in boxes. Four Who's Who volumes are free to any member of our immediate or extended family.

Time at last to visit the fair that has set up on the outskirts of town. It is only a small fair, but the prices are astronomical. In two hours we managed to spend £25, but Little Rascal greatly enjoyed herself - especially now she is grown up enough to steer the bumper car!

---and of course grown up enough to try her hand at bungee jumping (more like bungee bouncing!)

Before heading home, Little Rascal spends her last £3.50  on hooking a penguin and wins this pink bouncy balloon.

"Before I go home to Mummy, please can we watch a DVD". We narrow the choice down to three DVD's and it is decided to watch Monster High. We have watched this together so many times, I think I know the dialogue word for word.

This little girl is a real character, but what a ray of sunshine. She brings so much joy into our lives.


Shammickite said...

I think your hanging baskets and the garden look pretty good. I usually plant hanging baskets too, but as I was away almost all of June it didn't get done... so will have to wait until next year for flowers.
I like what you have done with the sink.
And the graffiti.... yes, one day I will die, and actually I was at Line dancing this morning so the rest of the quote is correct too.
You are having so much fun with that young lady, I'm glad she is cheering your days. My choice for the movie would be Frozen. I've only seen that 4 times.

Shammickite said...

I think you've lost the blogging mojo!