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Monday, 19 October 2015


Whiskers had been frail for the last two year of her life. As it became apparent she was getting weaker, we hoped that the end would come as she slept. However, it was not to be and with heavy hearts we knew the time had come for that final visit to the vet's. We stroked her and talked to her and she purred at us in return, then the deed was done and she was no more.

As a young cat, Whiskers was very nervous and untrusting of people and only friendly with members of our family, then only when it suited her (as is the way of cat's). In the summer months she would disappear for up to a week at a time. Just as we thought something bad must have befallen her, she would turn up at the door very hungry and very tired.

During the last two years, she never ventured further than the back garden and would keep me company as I gardened. On  sunny days she would sleep for hours in her favourite corner of the garden.

In old age she loved her home comforts and would purr contentedly when with the family and sat on her favourite seat.
It is easy to see why she was given the name "Whiskers". Even as a kitten she had very long whiskers.

Little Rascal loved Whiskers and I had to gently give her the sad news. She was inconsolable and sobbed her heart out.
She put a jar of flowers on Whiskers grave and cuts fresh flowers from the garden to keep it looking nice.
Coming downstairs on a morning, it seems strange not to have a little cat sat on the bottom step meowing for her breakfast. Whiskers was the runt of the litter yet lived into her twentieth year.
Goodbye little friend.


Shammickite said...

Bye bye sweet little Whiskers. It`s always terribly sad when a beloved pet dies. Our DixieCat lived to be almost 20. That`s one of the reasons I don`t want to get another pet, although they make great companions. A cat would probably outlive me, I don`t know if I have another 20 years to go!!
OlderSon has a dog and 2 cats (Badger, Leon and JoJo), YoungerSon has a dog (Tessa). I`m dreading the loss of any of them, the children will be so sad.

Sherlock Watson said...

Oh I am saddened.