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Monday, 2 November 2015

Muston Scarecrow Festival

Little Rascal questioned me as to where the scarecrow had come from and when did we acquire it.
This is the rather happy looking scarecrow with Little Rascal in what looks suspiciously like an ID parade!

I told her that in 2008 whilst camping on the North Yorkshire coast, we happened upon the village of Muston just as the annual  scarecrow festival was taking place and that our scarecrow was a memento of the day.
The good folks of Muston had certainly been imaginative with their scarecrow exhibits.
These ladies remind me of three young women not far from where I live!
Cricket in the Churchyard
...and the band played on (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
Muston is a lovely little village about one and a half miles inland from the seaside town of Filey on the N Yorkshire coast, with a population of around four hundred.
Listed in the Domesday Book as "Mustone", I have seen three explanations as to how Muston derived its name.
(1) "mus" meaning moss or marsh and "ton" meaning town.
(2) farmstead of a man called "Musi".
(3) mouse infected farmstead.
My favorite is number three 




Shammickite said...

Those scarecrows are absolutely delightful. I love the cricket match going on in the churchyard. And the town band playing away! Is this an annual event? The Wrong Trousers is one of my fave Wallace and Grommet films, must watch it again soon.
Who is that standing by the door near the three young ladies?

sousca said...

The scarecrow festival is an annual event, the first one taking place in 1999. Any money made from the festival goes to local good causes.
The chap to the right of the three ladies has an elf perched on his right shoulder. The man is holding a clip board, it reads “Elf and Safety”

Marie Pretty Smith said...

Love the concept and the products of the festival. A fest for the eyes for all ages. Well done.

Keith Smith said...

ID Parade?
"I am sure it was the one on the right who mugged me and stole my lollipop, officer".

sousca said...

A dodgy lot of scarecrows if you asked me, I have always viewed them with suspicion since first watching Worzel Gummidge on TV.
I would add - The one on the right mugs me every Sunday when we visit the shops!