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Thursday, 3 December 2015

In the Churchyard (again!)

Three weeks back, I was walking through the Churchyard, it must have been around nine in the evening.  Seeing flickering lights on one of the graves, I just had to walk over and investigate
Further over the Churchyard I see more lights at the memorial
...and bunches of flowers
The Churchyard was devoid of people (the living that is!), so with no one to ask, I decide to come back the next day and have a look at the grave with the candles
3RD APRIL 1919 AGED 42
I decided to research further and found Andrew Musto's place of death to be HMS Victory, Portsmouth. The cause of death given is illness.
The HMS Victory referred to here is not Nelson's flagship of Trafalgar fame. HMS Victory was used in WW1 as the name of Portsmouth Barracks.
So I am left no wiser as to why the candles and flowers!


Marie Smith said...

Very curious and intriguing. Do you think you'll explore it further?

sousca said...

I have been asking around without success, I had thought some of the people who hang round the Churchyard would know something, but unfortunately not.

Keith Smith said...

Somewhere, someone has a long memory.....

sousca said...

.....and they must be very old!

Shammickite said...

Perhaps it was Andrew Musto's birthday. How nice to be remembered like that.

Sherlock Watson said...

Perhaps we are to sanitized and have forgotten to honor our ancestors.